Beauty and Fashion: What's Hot and What's Not

Beauty and Fashion: What's Hot and What's Not

How To Choose a Wedding Make Up Artist

Carla Gardner

Organising your wedding day involves many different factors. However, one of the most important factors for any bride, other than the dress and hair, is their make up. Some brides may choose to do their own make up or have a friend do it for them. Others may wish to relax knowing that they are safe in the hands of a professional wedding make up artist. Listed below are some hints and tips on selecting the perfect make up artist for your big day.

Choose an Experienced Wedding Make Up Artist

Levels of experience between beauticians and professional make up artists will differ. You will also come across trainee make up artists. However, the level of professionalism that you require for your big day will depend on your make up requirements; therefore, the decision is entirely yours. Nevertheless, ensure that you ask for examples and practice make up sessions before you make your final choice.

Check That the Make Up Artists Skills are Up-to-Date

A majority of wedding make up artists will possess an online work portfolio. Even though choosing someone with a great deal of experience is comforting, do not rule out someone who has only been in the business for a short period of time. The chances are that the new comer will be aware of more up-to-date professional techniques. 

Feel Comfortable with Your Make Up Artist

Your wedding day is most probably going to be one of the best days of your life, so it is important that you feel as comfortable as possible when getting ready in the morning. Ensuring that you feel relaxed and calm with your make up artist is very important. Sit back and enjoy the pampering.

Also, ensure that the wedding make up artist you choose is comfortable and experienced in working with different skin types. This will ensure that your skin is at its best for your big day.

A Trial Run

To ensure that your make up is just as you want it on your wedding day, you should have a bridal trial to ensure that your make up artist can carry out different lipsticks or colour changes etc until you are completely satisfied.

Be Organised

Do not leave it too long to book a wedding make up artist to avoid disappointment. If your wedding day is on a popular date, such as a bank holiday, you may need to book a make up artist 6–12 months in advance.

Beware of the Cost

Everyone likes to save money; however, if a make up artist is offering a very cheap price, it is a good idea to ask yourself why. Don't risk ruining your wedding day by taking the cheap option.


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