Beauty and Fashion: What's Hot and What's Not

Beauty and Fashion: What's Hot and What's Not

Tip to Managing and Preventing Dry Hair During the Summer

Carla Gardner

Frizzing, drying and overall bad hair tends to be common during the summer. However, this does not mean that the weather is solely responsible for your hair being lacklustre. In reality, your hair may be trying to communicate that it is in need of more care and maintenance than usual due to the change in temperature, humidity and other elements. If you are always suffering through bad hair days during the summer, here are some tips to preventing and managing dry hair.

Tip 1: Give the blow dryer a rest

The first instinct some people have when experiencing a bad hair day is to reach out for the blow dryer to straighten it. A quick blow dry may seem convenient, but in truth, you could be causing more damage to your hair strands. If your hair is already feeling dry and brittle, it may be time to give the blow dryer a rest. What you should do instead is let your hair air-dry occasionally after you have washed it so that the moisture can penetrate the strands and keep your hair hydrated.

Tip 2: Always condition your hair

Not many people like to spend time shampooing and conditioning their hair during the summer. As a result, once they come from the beach or swimming, they will only shampoo their hair and be done with the process. This approach will cause further damage to dry hair as the shampoo strips away the natural oils in your hair. Rather than shampooing, you should consider simply conditioning your hair when you wash it. The conditioner functions to lock in moisture in your hair, which can reduce frizzing.

Tip 3: Switch to baby shampoo

Since hair tends to be more susceptible to damage in the summer, you may want to consider swapping out your hair products for mild alternatives. A simple way to of doing this would be to stop using your regular shampoo during this season and invest in baby shampoo. Baby shampoo is extremely mild but will still eliminate the dirt and grime from your hair. Therefore, you will not be compromising the clean hair for healthy hair. Baby shampoos are also fortified with moisturisers and protective oils, which would keep your hair healthy.

Tip 4: Always rinse your hair after swimming

Swimming is synonymous with the summer. However, if you do not take care of your hair, regular swimming could exacerbate its dryness. Whether you swim in the sea or pool, it is essential to rinse your hair to get rid of the salt water or chlorine that it has been exposed to.


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